JoemarDT’s Update Video #1 of August 1st 2014

  • I talk about Post-Surgery, Video schedules, Twitch, L8 Media, Future Projects, Road to 1,000 Subscribers
YouTube Update Post - 7/26/14

Hey what’s up everyone! Sorry if I haven’t been blogging lately, I’ve been posting up stuff from my instagram or photos I wanted to share here. For those who followed me on here and hear for what I have to say. Here’s an update in regards to my YouTube Channel and the future of it.

1.) As many of you know I’m a college student, which means this coming fall I’ll be attending back to my university, so content maybe a little scarce. But I’ll do my best to record on the weekends and upload every Wednesday and as well work on newer shows.

2.) I just had surgery on my left knee, so throughout the 6-8 months I’ll be doing physical therapy. I don’t how much time I’ll get into making videos. And yes I am fine, just a little weak in the legs is all.

YouTube Updates:
1.) Almost to reaching 1,000 subscribers, I am thinking of making a Q&A video and of course a special 1k video!

2.) I’m on L8 Media! It’s an honor to work with ea skate youtubers, it’s been awhile since I’ve actually worked on any team stuff. I am also planning on making a show on the channel, I just need to brain storm what it’s going to be. So subscribe to them!

3.) Series: I had a few series on my channel already.

  • -Checked in @: focuses on the ea skate trilogy
  • -Quick Bits: Random lets plays with friends
  • -Joemar Plays: coming soon! A self lets play of any game
  • -IRL Skateboarding Montages: self explained, going back to my roots of film editing.
  • -GoPro Videos
  • -Live Action
  • -Martian Shorts - Comedy Skits
  • -Vacation Cinematography Videos
  • -Update Vlogs: IRL or Commentary updates regrading my channel and life
  • -L8 Media Series


  • -Halo Machinima Mini Series:

-So far it’s 5 episodes, a Red Vs Blue Parody I’m making with my friends as well with voice actors that are going to be a part of the project. Script writing and planning the Machinima is going to be great once we start working on it!

  • -EA Skate 3 West Covina Skatepark Remake
  • -OneDay Sequel
  • -Skate 3 Short Film
  • -Short Film with Anthony Carrillo
  • -Return to Irwindale Skatepark Montage
  • -Azusa Skatepark Montage
  • -West Covina Skatepark Montage
  • -EA Skate 3 - West Covina Skatepark Remake Montage
  • -EA Skate 3 Solo Montage
  • -EA Skate 3 - Nike Chronicles Vol. 2.5
  • -Let’s Play Co-Op with Tubers

So those are pretty much the projects I have in mind. Look forward to the future of my YouTube channel! 

Thank you

Happy Birthday to my one of my best buds @kevin_pinto !! Here’s an old video chat we made I think freshmen year of high school? Lol #HBDPINTO

Videos coming soon to my YouTube Channel on the next few Wednesdays!!